Ato Sulpha 100%


Each 100gm contains: 108.5gm sulphadimidine sodium (eq. to100gm sulphadimidine base).

Indications and Usage

Chickens and Turkeys: infectious coryza, fowl cholera, colisepticemia, coccidiosis caused by Eimeria spp.


Chickens and turkeys: 100mg/kg initial dose, then 50mg/kg maintenance dose once daily for 3 days, then stop for 2 days and repeat the treatment for 2 more days. (eq. to 1gm Ato Sulpha 100%/L as initial dose then 0.5gm Ato Sulpha 100%/L as maintenance dose).

Withdrawal time

Chickens and turkeys: 10 days


Tins: 100, 250, or 500gm or 1kg.



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