D. Tylo 50/25


Each 100gm contains: 57.30gm tylosin tartrate (eq. to 50gm tylosin base), 30.60gm doxycycline HCl (eq. to 25gm doxycycline base)

Indications and Usage

Chickens and turkeys: CRD due to mycoplasma gallisepticum and/or E. coli; infectious synovitis (M. synoviae); infectious sinusitis (M. meleagridis); fowl cholera (pasteurella multocida); infectious coryza (haemophilus gallinarum); streptococcal and staphylococcal arthritis.


Chickens and turkeys: for active ingredient, 25-50mg tylosin base + 12-25mg doxycycline base/kg b.wt.; for whole product, 5-10gm D. Tylo 50/25 /100kg b.wt. in drinking water once daily for 3-5 days (eq. to 0.5-1gm/1L).

Withdrawal time

10 days.


Tins: 100, 250, 500gm or 1kg.



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