Each 100ml contains: 1gm ivermectin, 10gm clorsulon.

Indications and Usage

Major internal parasites including: mature liver flukes (Fasciola hepatica and Fasciola gigantica); gastrointestinal nematodes including immature and inhibited larvae, lung worms, ascarids, tricuris, eye worms: thelaziasis, filarial nematodes (Parafilariasis and Onchoceriasis), kidney worms (Stephanurosis) and Strongyloides; major external parasites including mites responsible for sarcoptic, chorioptic and psoroptic mange, biting and sucking lice, ticks, grubs, and myiasis.


By S/C injection. For active ingredient, 200ug ivermectin base + 2mg clorsulon base/kg b.wt.; for whole product, 1ml Extramectin/50 kg b.wt. given once.

Withdrawal time

Meat: 28 days

Milk: 7 days


Glass vials: 100, 250, or 500ml.



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