Each 100ml contains: 3gm levamisole HCL (eq. to 2.7gm levamisole base), 6gm oxyclozanide.

Indications and Usage

Cattle, sheep, goats:

  • lungworms (Dictyocaulus spp.)
  • gastrointestinal worms: (Haemonchus spp., Ostertagia spp., Nematodirus spp., Trichostrongylus spp., Cooperia spp., Strongylus spp., Oesophagostomum spp., Bunostomum spp., Chabertia spp.)
  • liver flukes: remove most mature fasciola spp. present in the bile duct of the liver. It is also effective against Parmphistomum spp


Levanide should be administered as an oral drench. For the active ingredient, 7.5 levamisole Hcl + 15mg oxyclozanide/kg b.wt. For the whole product, 2.5ml Levanide/10kg b.wt.

Cattle: 25ml Levanide/100 kg b.wt.

Sheep and goats: 5ml Levanide/20kg b.wt.

Withdrawal time

Cattle and sheep: 28 days.


Plastic bottles: 100, 200, 250, 500ml and 1L.



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