Pantetran 5%


Each 100ml contain: 5.4gm oxytetracycline HCL (eq. to 5gm oxytetracycline base).

Indications and Usage

Horses, cows, sheep, goats: actinobacillosis, shipping fever (Pasteurellosis), calf diphtheria, mastitis, metritis, pneumonia, wound infections, abscesses, foot rot, post-operative and postpartum infection and anaplasmosis.


For active ingredient, 5-10mg of oxytetracycline base/kg body weight by I/M or S/C injection; for whole product, 1-2ml Pantetran 5% /10kg b.wt. daily for 3 days.

Withdrawal time

Meat: 28 days.

Milk: 7 days.


Glass vials: 100, 250, 500ml.



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