Spiramycin 150


Each 100gm contains: 50gm spiramycin adipate (eq. to 37.5gm spiramycin base or 150 MIU)

Indications and Usage

Chickens and turkeys: avian mycoplasmosis due to M. gallisepticum; infectious synovitis (M. synoviae); infectious sinusitis (M. meleagridis); streptococcal and staphylococcal arthritis.


Chickens and turkeys: for active ingredient, 75000-150000 IU spiramycin base/kg b.wt.; for whole product, 50–100gm Spiramycin 150 /1000kg b.wt. (eq. to 0.5-1gm/1 liter).

Withdrawal time

Chickens and turkeys: 10 days.


Tins: 100, 200, 500gm or 1 kg.


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