Each 1ml contains: 200mg toldimphos sodium.

Indications and Usage

Horses, sheep, cattle, goats, dogs:

  • As a tonic & restorative for the treatment of general metabolic disorders: states of debility and exhaustion, during convalescence or after difficult parturition, debility of the newborn, developmental and nutritional disorders of young animals.
  • To support treatment of sterility.
  • Deficiency syndromes in the spring as a result of poor nutrition.
  • Stimulation of the defense mechanism of the body.
  • In skeletal growth defects such as rickets or osteomalacia and to promote callus formation after bone fractures (together with vitamin D preparations).
  • Tetany and paresis due to the disorders of the calcium – magnesium and phosphorus metabolism.
  • Normalization of GOT values.


In acute cases:

Large animals: 10-20ml/head

Small animals: 1-3ml/head according to species and size of the animal.

Administration by subcutaneous or intramuscular injection

The dosage should be repeated at intervals of 2-3 days until recovery is evident.

In chronic conditions:

The administration of a course of 5 to 10 subcutaneous or intramuscular injections using the following dose rate, given every other day.

Large animals: 2.5-5ml/head

Small animals: 1-2ml/head

Withdrawal time

Zero days


Glass vials: 50, 100, or 250ml.


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