Each 100gm contains: 22.90gm erythromycin thiocyanate (eq. to 20gm erythromycin base), 23.40gm sulfadiazine sodium (eq. to 20gm sulfadiazine base), 4gm trimethoprim.

Indications and Usage

Chickens and turkeys: mycoplasmosis (CRD), fowl cholera (Past. multocida), salmonellosis (S. pullorum), infectious coryza (H. gallinarum), bronchopneumonia, colisepticemia, and enteritis.


Chickens and turkeys: for active ingredient, 20mg erythromycin + 24mg sulpha/trimethoprim/kg b.wt.; for whole product, 100gm Trisin/1000kg b.wt in drinking water once daily for 3-5 days (5 day regimen for salmonella or CRD) (1gm/1 liter).

Withdrawal time

Chickens and turkeys: 10 days.


Tins: 100, 250, 500gm or 1 Kg.


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